After providing licensed sales agents exclusively to homebuilders for almost three decades, Real Estate Temps (RET) has found new customers in mortgage lenders and auction companies.

Consider the advantages of using our new home sales associates who fully understand the real estate business and terminology of selling homes versus a temporary worker provided by a general employment agency. Our employees remain on our payroll and the client avoids direct employment costs as well as rehiring costs due to attrition.

All sales associates are licensed employees who have attended our internal training program which prepares them to perform a wide range of duties in a selling arena. Their real estate sales knowledge makes a true difference to our clients, unlike a temporary worker from a general staffing agency.

Our sales associates work exclusively on an hourly fee basis and do not share in sales commissions. In addition, because they are our employees, our clients avoid such direct employment costs as vacation, holidays and sick days, FICA, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation, employer benefits contributions and the cost of training.