RET has become a resource for other real estate business segments.  These companies have found their specific needs from time to time go unfulfilled by their typical strategies for commercial and property management.

RET uses its successful platform to support Commercial and Property Managers with candidates for Sales Administration, Real Estate Services Assistants, and Client Services Coordinators…. and the like.  Many of these positions are entry level but may progress to a permanent position.

  • RET offers interim staffing solutions that are cost effective especially when you compare using us with the cost of using traditional employment agencies.  
  • When the timing of onboarding candidates is an issue, RET can help by providing payroll services.
  • With RET, there is never a conversion or placement fee to any candidate.

RET has also secured placements for mortgage companies and lending institutions.

Do you need an AVID completed?  Talk to us….we can assist you in achieving the required compliance.